How to rethink print in a digital world

DATE:May 10, 2018

We’ve said it in the past and we will continue to say it again – print is not dead. In the 90’s, it was forecasted that print advertisements were soon to be extinct at the hands of digital. This couldn’t have been more wrong. Many people think of print and digital as competitors in the marketing world when in fact they can be used to complement each other in order to effectively strengthen your marketing strategy.

Understanding the benefits of print media is the first step to creating a successful strategy:

Print is more trustworthy

Print, specifically magazines, remains the most trusted source of information, especially for business to business. Which is why, as a business, you must continue to use print media as a form of communication. Digital is seemingly easier and cheaper, but print is trustworthy and that makes all the difference.

Print reading is slower and more focused

There is a massive amount of information available at our finger tips at all times. Because of this, digital information is often quickly read with the reader not grasping the main points or ideas. This leads to a decrease in retained knowledge and a limited ability to recall what a digital piece contained. However, reading a printed piece is more focused and slow. The amount of information absorbed, processed and stored is greater than digital. This means your audience will have an easier time remembering your content in the future.

Print and digital can work hand-in-hand

Now lets be clear, you definitely should not jump the digital ship. Creating harmony between your print media and digital tactics is crucial to a successful marketing strategy. Digital and print should be the two supporting beams of your marketing strategy. Each serving a different role but at the end of the day working together to create synergetic touch points for your audiences.

Print can create leads to your website, mobile app or e-newsletter subscription. For example, sending out a postcardwith a QR code can lead your audience to your various digital platforms. Another example would be table tents at a restaurant. They are a great way to promote your e-newsletter and generate sign-ups.

Although times have changed to become more digital, don’t give up on your print marketing tactics. When executed properly, print is still an important aspect to your overall marketing strategy. Once you’ve created your marketing strategy, let us help you print!

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