Social media and print marketing: Finding the balance


Social media and online marketing have changed the world of advertising, but many are coming to the realization that print marketing can be just as important. While some may consider downsizing either their print or social media marketing to focus on the other, we’re going to tell you how to integrate both for a comprehensive marketing strategy.

1. Be consistent

Your online and offline media should be consistent across the board. Logos, voice and design should be the same on your print marketing materials and on your social media channels. Brand consistency is key. Print campaigns should have the same message and voice as your social media channels, and should encourage customers who view your print campaigns to go online for more information. Social media offers the opportunity to interact and engage with your customers after the print marketing campaign has been launched. Think about tactics for analyzing the results and engaging with your customers once they join you online from a print marketing campaign.

2. Work together

In 2012, Nike introduced their hashtag campaign using Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram that asked fans to share how they would “#makeitcount” that year. The company advertised with both print and digital media. The campaign was so successful that Nike extended it into 2013. Digital marketing can increase both online and offline sales, so companies should be using their social media to promote their offline marketing. In the same way as Nike’s campaign, print marketing and social media can be linked seamlessly together to create a successful campaign and drive traffic to the other. Hashtag campaigns are a great way to create buzz around your brand and track how it’s doing.

3. Target your demographics

One way to reach your target demographic is to pay attention to what your customers want. Watch the content your customers are liking, clicking and engaging with online to help create great print marketing that will reach the right audience. Allow customers to give feedback on your campaigns on social media to understand which advertising is effective. Setting up online feedback will make it convenient for customers to share their opinions. Print ads are a great place to direct customers to your online feedback.

4. Direct them online

With your print marketing materials, you have the opportunity to help navigate your customers online to find more information, services or give feedback. Include your social media icons and handles on all print materials. Adding QR codes is another option to allow customers to simply pull out their phones, scan the code and navigate online quickly.

Print is not dead and technology is continuing to grow and advance. It’s time to stop thinking of print marketing and social media as two separate channels of communication and instead companies should be focusing on integrating the two for the best success. We would love to show you some more tips to help your print marketing and social media work together for effective, efficient marketing.

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