Stand out with handwritten fonts

DATE:June 6, 2018

The name says it all: handwritten fonts, sometimes called script fonts, are a type of typography designed to imitate penmanship. This style of typography brings a certain personality to its design, whether it is classy yet fun or formal but personal.

Using handwritten fonts has benefited print marketing campaigns. By choosing a typeface that looks handwritten, you give the viewer a sense of personal relationship between your business and the audience, as if that message was written specifically to them. Choosing to use a handwritten font rather than a stereotypically business style typeface helps your print marketing, direct mail, or signage stand out from those of your competitors.

As handwritten fonts have risen in popularity in recent years, so have the amount of font families to choose from. Check out these 46 free handwritten fonts for a few more options to choose from.

How to pair and where to use them

Handwritten fonts can play well with either serif or sans serif fonts. However, because of their script-like flair, choosing a handwritten font for the body text on a printed material may render the paragraph difficult to read. Consider using a handwritten font as an attention-grabbing headline or title and a more simplified font, such as Open Sans or Helvetica, to cover the important information. Viewers will then see both the personal style of the ad as well as be able to clearly read your message. As fun as handwritten fonts can be, there is a time and a place they are best used.

Stirring up your emotions

Our emotions are provoked when exposed to the variety of advertising in our day to day. Emotions influence our decision making, our ability to take risks or problem solve. Print advertising campaigns use their designs to spark an emotion in their viewers, in order to inspire a purchase. The style of font that you choose in your advertisement should relate to the emotion you want your target audience to feel.

Handwritten fonts tend to evoke feelings of authenticity to your audience. Hand written fonts have a friendly personality that can be both elegant and playful. When choosing your font, ask yourself, “What kind of emotion do we want our targeted audience to feel?”

When should handwritten fonts be used?

Handwritten fonts might be just what your business needs to stand out to your viewers. When deciding to use handwritten fonts think about your marketing strategy, the targeted audience and the message that you want to express. Is this the best font for your company?

Here are some examples where handwritten fonts can be used in your next marketing campaigns.

  • Logos: If it’s time for a logo redesign, consider incorporating a handwritten font. They can bring a personal side to your company name but be sure it fits your brand, and the message you want to convey.
  • Social Media: Bold, handwritten fonts have recently become a trend on social media networks. There are now more font caption styles to choose from when sending a Snapchat or creating an Instagram story. Using this style font prevents the viewers from scrolling past your message. They’re more likely to pause and take in your image because they notice it stood out from the rest of their feed.
  • Print layouts: Printed materials such as posters, banners, magazine ads are great places to incorporate your handwritten style in your message. With well-balanced fonts, your design will catch the eye of your audience.

Stand out from your competitors with handwritten fonts! Once you have chosen which style to use and need a printer, give us a call! Lets bring your story to life!

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