Why you should use customer testimonials in your print marketing


There are many components that go into print marketing and many ways to ensure print marketing success. What a lot of those factors come down to, however, is trust. Do your customers trust what they are seeing and reading on a piece of print marketing? Skip the gimmicks and be authentic with your audience – transparency will get you further by gaining the trust of your customers. As you gain the trust of your customers and receive positive testimonials, you’ll have a new tool in your belt that will push your print marketing even further.

Listed below are three reasons to use customer testimonials, especially in your print marketing.

They strengthen credibility

Using customer testimonials increases your credibility as a business or for your product. If a consumer sees a review, and a positive one at that, their trust in your brand, service or product begins to grow. Seeing that there are others who have had a good experience builds a bridge with you and the customer. It’s important that your business is trusted, because without earning trust and credibility, the likelihood of success declines.

Customer testimonials in print marketing reveal that people have used the service or product and are satisfied. Rather than waiting for the consumer to seek out and find testimonials, present it to them on printed materials and save them the step.

They inform

When customer reviews are shared with others, they communicate honest experiences that have taken place. Customers can learn a lot about a service or product by what others have to say about it. Details that provide specific product benefits will encourage sales. Testimonials provide a great opportunity to spread the word to draw (and keep) new customers. When they see what others have to say, they are more likely to believe it.

By including customer testimonials on print marketing, you’ll be informing your customers about your business and the experience others have had. Testimonials are a great way to promote specific benefits to inform your audience.

Customers want them

Customers crave proof. They want to know how a service or product works, how it functions and what others’ honest opinions are. The behavior of people influence others. This list of sites uses the reviews of their customers to their advantage–and it shows by the success of their business and products!

Opinions are formed after reading only a few reviews. Use this to your advantage and include positive reviews and testimonials on printed marketing pieces.

Be transparent and authentic and find out what people are saying. Use reviews to your advantage by staying informed by what your customers think. Once you’re ready to get some print marketing out there with testimonials, give us a call.

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