This year’s hottest material: Fabric


The demand for fabric and textile printing products is growing at a fast pace. These products can include a range of items such as signage, wall coverings, upholstery, flags, clothing and floor materials. The most popular product in the fabrics market is soft signage, because it is light in weight and flexible, making it a much easier alternative to vinyl.

If you’re looking for ways to change it up when it comes to your print marketing materials, fabric is a great way to go.

Why Choose Fabric Printing?

Fabric printing is cost effective

There are many options for fabric printing materials and manufacturers are working to keep the costs low in order to compete. With fabric continuing to play a large, growing role in the industry, the cost continues to decrease.

Fabric is versatile

You can print anything on fabric (with a few exceptions) that you can print on hard media, including photos, text or illustrations. The fabrics used to print on can range anywhere from wovens, vinyls, polyesters, cottons or finer fabrics.

Fabric is easy to move

Fabric is lightweight, flexible and can be compacted, making it easy to move and store. Some tradeshow exhibitors use fabric to create rooms and tunnels with bright printed graphics. Because of its fluidity, fabric can be used to create more of a 3D effect that hard medias cannot offer.

Depending on the campaign, fabric printing can be a great option for your company or project! Not only is it cost effective and versatile, it is also a creative way to print your project that fits your style and needs. Have you considered fabric printing for your next big idea? We’d be happy to help you with your next fabric project.

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