4 typography trend predictions for 2019


A new year means new typography trends and both are just around the corner. Last year we predicted 2018 would bring a comeback of the serif font, in creased use of exaggerated white space and the return of gradient colors integrated into typography.

Whether your brand prefers to do its own thing or test out the trends, we’ve put together a list of predictions for 2019 typography trends. Stay in the know with these four typography styles and typeface trends you’ll be seeing everywhere.

Trend 1: Serif + high contrast fonts

Extreme fonts will be popular in 2019. One more specific way we will see this trend is through high-contrast serif fonts. The contrast of these fonts come in the weights: often a letter’s upstroke is very thin and downstroke is thick (two to three times thicker than the upstroke). The addition of serifs makes these type of fonts both bold and elegant and gives a nod to the popularity of serif font families in 2018. Examples of high contrast serif typefaces include  MagnelStilla and Roxic.

Trend 2: Handwritten fonts

We called it back in June; using handwritten fonts in design is a trend that will continue in 2019. The category of handwritten fonts covers more than just the calligraphy styles you’re probably thinking of. These fonts are often created based on freeform illustrations or even designers’ everyday handwriting. Choosing to create print marketing pieces using a typeface that looks handwritten adds a personal touch to your messaging. CreativeBloq has 44 free handwritten fonts that can give you a head start on experimenting.

Trend 3: Overlapping elements in fonts

While readability is always important in design, bending the rules once in a while never hurt. Overlapping images with parts of text or even letters of text over one another is trend that will catch on in the coming year. Not only is it creative, but the fact that this style is slightly more difficult to read can make it a great trick for catching your audience’s eye. A few great examples are the Paypal logo, ProximitySchool of Design’s logo for bootcamp and the green font and images on this website by UberEats.

Trend 4: Geometric fonts

On the other side of the readability spectrum are geometric fonts. These fonts are deliberate and measured, using rectangles, squares and circles to define their letters. Geometric-inspired fonts can add a very different feel to print materials, depending upon which shapes they focus on in the letters. Walkway is a font family that takes cues from geometry but feels modern and sleek thanks to thin lines and classic, understated shapes. On the other hand, the sharp angles of InsaneHours 2 makes it look borrowed from a sci-fi movie. 

What new typography styles and design trends do you predict we’ll see in 2019? Tweet us your thoughts! Or, check out our blog for more design and print trend predictions.

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