Typography trends of 2017

DATE:August 7, 2017

While typography can be explained simply, a lot of work goes into its design. Typography is the art and arrangement of written type. As web design continues to evolve, typography does the same. It isn’t hard to spot when trends begin to form. This year there are several directions typography is taking. We have laid them out for you below so you remain on trend during the rest of 2017.

Handwritten type

One trend we are noticing everywhere: handwritten type. Handwritten type is making its way across the web and throughout the world of design. This trend can be seen on webpages, visual logos and social representations. A handwritten design expresses an authentic, friendly and welcoming aesthetic. From introducing a product to explaining behind the scenes details on projects, handwritten type is a great style choice.
Choose: Mightype

Tall and small

Lately, mid-sized type is becoming less popular. You may have noticed type is often either large and bold or small and faint. Either way, designers are going one way or the other and leaving the middle ground behind. With this in mind, consider the variety of devices people are using. Designs will look different depending on the device. This doesn’t mean all text needs to be exceedingly large, rather, it is a design component to be mindful of during the creative process. Thanks to unexpected sizes, text will grab the attention of your viewers quickly while also being a unique and trendy way to create an eye-catching message.
Choose: Tall Films or Digitalt

DIY typefaces

In the era of “do it yourself,” designers are choosing to create custom typefaces to best represent their product or company. Companies like Apple and Google have used this method, creating a memorable design associated specifically with those brands. While a custom typeface may take time and investment, people enjoy and appreciate diversity – and personalized type embodies this diversity.
Choose: Zimbra

Mix and match

Combining two or more styles of type is another popular trend this year. Doing so results in a visual interaction, especially since opposites can attract. Mixing and matching patterns within design and fashion is common practice; why not bring together different styles of visual type?
Choose: Sweetland and Ohio

Fonts and their personalities

It’s not surprising that different fonts embody different personalities. Some may be whimsical and dainty, while others represent a vintage or more modern look. Each font has their own voice and that voice matters. After all, different fonts attract different users. What kind of impression are you looking to leave? The visual type you choose says it all.
Choose: Prequel


You don’t need to look far to find typography designs that demonstrate all things geometric. Using a modernist approach, creating layouts with sharpness and a defined look will put your design right in line with this 2017 trend. A geometric layout offers a futuristic impression, intriguing an audience on many levels.
Choose: Filena

The way text is displayed has a big role in composition as a whole as well as influencing the entire design. Typography is one way among many that a brand may communicate different messages to their targeted audience.

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