Typography trends of 2018



We love predicting new trends and watching them come into fruition. With the new year just around the corner, we started thinking about what shapes, color patterns and font families will be popular in the world of text design for 2018. These are a few of the trends we envision you’ll be seeing next year:

1. Overlaid images and text

One trend you’ll be sure to see in 2018 is transparent text overlaid with an image against a solid color background. Hard to explain, but it looks like this. Be careful to consider readability of text when overlaying with an image. You still want your audience to be able to make out the words—arguably the most important part of your design. Implement high contrast between the overlaid image and the background color for optimum legibility.

2. Gradient comeback

Maybe you’ve noticed it and suspected the trend already because of Instagram photos, Spotify and many advertisements in late 2017. If so, we’re here to confirm your suspicions. Using gradient as a way to incorporate more than one color or focus around a central image—a classic trademark from the 1980s—will make a comeback in 2018. Whether used as a background to help text stand out or as the text’s actual color shading, duo-tone gradients will be popular in the coming year.

3. Rise of the serif

After a long run, modern sans-serif fonts will be taking a backseat to serif font families in the new year. Use serif fonts in bold weights and bigger sizes for maximum impact. An added bonus to trending serif fonts: they’re the best choice for print advertisements. Another caveat of this trend is mixing serif and sans serif fonts in one design to create an “opposites attract” look.

4. Exaggerated space

An exaggerated use of kerning between letters and words will give a dramatic look to text. Designers often use extra white space to emphasize a section of text or image; extra white space between letters and words will further emphasize a minimalist, clean look.

Now that you know what will be popular in 2018 for typography, get experimenting! Remember, don’t follow the rules too closely or be afraid to put your own creative spin on these trends. We’re excited to see what you create!

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