Tips on using color for in-store retail marketing

DATE:January 25, 2017

Color plays a big part in why consumers purchase particular products at certain retailers. The aesthetic of the store, design of the signage, the color of a product and even its labeling can determine what a customer does and doesn’t buy. In fact, within 90 seconds of walking in, customers make subconscious judgements about a store’s retail set up and products, and between 60-90% of these judgements are based on color. People are more likely to spend time browsing in a store that has a calm and comforting atmosphere, just as they are likely to make a quick trip at a fast food restaurant because of the brightly colored design and stark booths.

With so much is riding on the color of your store’s walls, signage and displays, learning how to use color to best draw customers in and give them a positive feeling about shopping at your store should be a top priority.

Choose a color scheme

Choosing a color scheme will help unite your brand in one cohesive look. The red bullseye will lead customers to immediately think of Target, and when shopping there, the red and white design throughout the store subconsciously enforces this association. Similarly, orange represents Home Depot in many minds and the dark green Starbucks logo makes passersby crave a latte. In this way, a consistent color scheme is very important for brand awareness and association.

Choose two complimentary colors like green and orange and consistently pair with a neutral shade like white or light grey to keep a balanced look. Or, pair one primary color with one or more neutrals for a simple look, as did all the brands mentioned earlier. Whatever colors you pick, implement them into your advertising, signage and in-store design to maintain consistency and help customers associate the shades with your brand.

We’ve previously put together few more tips on using color theory here. Hint- shades of green and deep jewel tones such as rich purples and blues are shaping up to be trendy in 2017.

Neutrals are your friend

Neutral shades like white, beige, grey, brown and black are great for giving your store a clean, sophisticated look, especially when paired with a brighter shade or two. Use these not only in your brand’s color scheme but also in your advertising and signage to give a calm background for the brighter colors to stand out against. The opposite is also true when displaying neutral toned merchandise- a bright backdrop will help catch customer’s eyes.

Keep your sales red

Red is known for causing heart rates to increase and blood pressure to rise. Even from the time we are taught to drive, the color triggers our brain to tell us to stop or slow down. Because of this, red is considered one of the most attention-grabbing shades and is often used in store to announce sales. Since you want to draw your customer’s eyes and stop them in their tracks, it’s best to follow the crowd in this case. There’s good reason to use red for sales and discounted merchandise signage and even print advertisements.

If you’re thinking about rebranding to include more color or different ones in your company’s brand, let’s talk! Imagine! Express specializes in retail signage and all things print. Also keep an eye on our blog for more retail tips.

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