5 ways to use print marketing to promote your small business


Running a small business likely means that your budget is a little tighter than it would be at a larger corporation. Don’t make the mistake of thinking your money set aside for marketing is flexible and can be used in other areas of the budget.

Planning marketing promotion can be trickier on a small budget, but it’s not impossible. You just must play your cards right and make wise choices when it comes to how and where you will promote your business.

Using print to market your business to the community is a great idea because it is affordable, meaning your small budget will go a long way. We’ve thought of a few of the best ways to do so.

1. Create and use business cards

If someone has your business card, chances are high that you met them in person and physically handed the card to them. Making physical rather than digital connections with potential customers is important for small businesses, so the next time you go to a networking event, be prepared by having business cards printed with your business’ name, address and contact information to hand out.

2. Offer loyalty cards

Customer loyalty programs are simple but powerful tools to keep customers coming back and grow your customer base. Using some form of loyalty card with your logo on it is a great idea for small businesses. Studies have shown up to 64% of small businesses that have implemented a customer loyalty program have found that the programs earn the business more money than it took to create. A loyalty card will be a tangible advertisement for your business that your customers will carry around in their wallets. Plus, it helps create repeat customers.

3. Posters and banners

Posters and banners are great advertising options for small businesses because they are extremely cost effective. Printed once and hung either in your store windows or placed around town, banners and posters are one of the most noticeable forms of promotion. Posters also offer flexible design and material options.

4. Advertise locally

This technique works especially well in small communities where the local newspaper is still widely read. Though the internet has become a primary place for people to find their news, studies have shown that two thirds, or about 67 percent, of residents living in small towns still read the local community newspaper. If your business services a rural area or small community, think population of 15,000 or less, chances are the local newspaper is widely read and doing well. Running an ad in the local newspaper, school newsletter or local bulletin is worth your time and money.

5. Find a great printer

The last step in this process is finding the right printing company with affordable rates, a variety of printing options and a creative vision for your materials. Imagine! Express would be happy to be that printer for you.

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