4 Ways to integrate video into your marketing campaign

DATE:May 30, 2018

When used strategically, video can become an increasingly powerful tool for brand awareness and marketing. One 2018 study showed that millennials prefer YouTube over television. GenX and baby boomers are the fastest growing age demographic for video marketing. This means there is a wide range of audience demographics to reach through video. Video is especially important for retailers to use as it connects the consumer with a better view of your products. Incorporating video into your marketing campaigns can be very effective and it is quite easy.

Below are four ways to incorporate video into your next campaign.

1. QR code

First and foremost, if you are mailing out a direct mail piece, it should have a QR code. Using this QR code to link directly to a video is a great way to engage your audience immediately. QR codes are an easy way to use multichannel marketing. What’s more: landing pages that include a video see an increase of 80% for sale conversions.

2. Augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) is an enhanced version of reality where technology is used to overlay digital information on an image viewed through a device. Augmented reality is a handy for tool for retailers who have apps. Like this example from Anthropologie, you can use AR to allow your customers to preview what an item would look like in their home prior to purchasing it.

You can incorporate augmented reality into your direct mail by either advertising your app or by including a QR code that interacts with your phone.

3. Social Media

Using video on social channels has the ability to increase your brand awareness greatly. Tweets that contain video get retweeted 28% more than those that don’t. Consider thinking more creatively about a branded video and use it instead to tell a story or make a joke. 76% of social media users say they would share a branded video with a friend if they found it entertaining. These shares help to generate brand recognition among a wider audience while also spreading your sales message.

When incorporating video into your social channels, always be aware of settings or user tendencies. If you choose to share your video Facebook, keep in mind that 85% of video on this social platform is played without sound unless the viewer chooses to unmute.

4. Demonstration

Using video as a “how-to” is a great way to engage your consumers. Four out of five consumers believe demo videos of products are helpful to their buying decisions. “How-to” videos can range from showing your customers how to put together a piece a furniture, how to work a machine, how to apply makeup or how to wear an article of clothing.

One last thing to remember is to remain consistent across all channels both print and digital. Creating one brand image will help your audience recognize you whether it’s a postcard, video on Facebook or app.

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