What’s new in packaging design?


Appearance speaks volumes. We’ve already heard the research confirming the split-second judgements customers make when they’re comparing products. Not only does your product need to outperform competitors, it needs to look cool to set it apart. Packaging design is one way to communicate a message to customers and show them how your product is different than others of its kind. Experiment with one or two of the trends below for a fresh take on 2017 packaging design.


Color has always been key for packaging design because correctly paired shades make for an eye catching and aesthetically pleasing product. Between 60-90% of customers’ initial judgements about a product is based on color alone. Recently, neutral tones have fallen out of trend and bright hues are on their way back in style, just in time for spring. For a fresh take on your packaging design, use vivid jewel tones such as deep purple or turquoise. Or, go fresh with a bright green like Pantone’s color of the year, Greenery.


Custom lettering is a typeface packaging design trend to keep an eye on this year. While calligraphy style writing feels a little 2015, hand lettered fonts reminiscent of handwritten words provide a fresh perspective. Embrace imperfections and non-uniform letters for a handmade and nostalgic feel. Here’s a look at a few more typeface trends for 2017.


Just as we predicted that hand drawn illustrations would be popular this year in graphic design, they are also trendy for packaging design. Illustration used in packaging design can help remind customers of your brand’s story. It can also be used as an interactive way to tell a story about the product. Illustrations will stand out in customer’s memories and be yet another way  to showcase your brand’s unique qualities.

Go natural

The new minimal is a rustic-chic aesthetic. Achieve it by using raw materials like twine, natural dyes and recycled paper. Choose to use biodegradable materials in your labels or reusable containers for packaging to keep up with the push for brands to become more environmentally friendly. While using natural, recycled elements will give your product a vintage spin on minimalism, they will also appeal to customers in environmentally-conscious crowd.


A repeated pattern is another great way to make your product stand out from others on the shelf. Even a repeated shape as simple as diamond can be memorable when paired with the right colors. Done well, patterns can be used to create a brand statement and help evoke the right emotion from customers. Whether you want your brand to be seen as bold and innovative, feminine and whimsical, or playful and nostalgic, let your packaging design do the talking for you with patterns.

Understanding the trends in packaging design can help appeal to a wider variety of customers and increase your product sales. Get in touch with Imagine! Express to make your new packaging design ideas a reality.

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