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The end of summer and beginning of fall inspire feelings of fresh starts and new beginnings. The crisp fall months and back-to-school season is a time when companies should capitalize on this opportunity to connect with their target audience in order to remain top of mind when the holiday season rolls around. Our top recommendation for a fall campaign is direct mail. Direct mail pieces have a longer lifespan than email campaigns, receive higher response rates and gives brands even more creative freedom than other types of marketing.

As the colder weather begins to creep in so do fall marketing themes. Consider the following as theme options to center your direct mail campaign around:

Football Season

The beginning of the football season could be a great way to mark the beginning of new fall marketing strategies. For example, Bud Light makes the switch from summer content to fall football content instantly once the football season begins. Check out their Instagram page to see how this seasonal change also changes the mood of the advertisements. Try using the next big game in your direct mail campaigns in connection with a big promotion or new service to target the football fans in your audience.


This October holiday is one that gives marketers a chance to think outside of the box when it comes to direct mail campaigns. There are so many ideas that you can focus your brand around when working with a Halloween theme. It could be as simple as changing the font on your advertisement to a spooky theme, or coming up with a catchy Halloween slogan for the season. You may think have a brand that doesn’t fit the Halloween theme, but this theme is one that you can make work.


On a holiday when families and friends come together to give thanks, Thanksgiving can also be a time where companies have the opportunity to say thank you to their customers. Consider using Thanksgiving as a chance to give back to your audience by sending coupons or special promotions in the mail. This is a way to thank them for their loyalty and show you are in tune with their purchasing habits.

Holiday Sales

When fall rolls around, so do thoughts of all the holiday shopping that needs to be done. Cyber Monday and Black Friday are just the beginning of the holiday shopping season. This is a chance for your brand to get creative in selling your products to your targeted audience. Catchy blog headlines and storytelling through your social media channels (think fun promotional videos and ads) help grab your customer’s attention and have the power to bring them in-store to shop.

Sweater weather

The change in colder weather opens up a great opportunity for retailers especially to promote their fall collections. Sweater weather has arrived, and the fall deals are out. Men and women are looking to update their wardrobe with the latest fall trends. Using your direct mail campaign to get the buzz out about your new fall items is a good way to target those who are on the lookout for a seasonal wardrobe update. Fall is the beginning of change and consumers are following suit in their buying habits.

Now that you are full of knowledge about potential fall marketing themes, grab that Pumpkin Spice Latte and check out more ideas on our blog!

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